Bus Accident on I-84 Raises Safety Issues

The January 9th bus accident that ended the life of a Rocky Hill, CT teen is under investigation by both police and the Department of Motor Vehicles.
The DMV is responsible for inspections of school buses and their drivers.  Inspections usually occur annually, and during a 2009 inspection the bus involved in the crash was found to have five separate violations.  According to the inspection report the more serious of these was a “brake lining loose and missing sections”.
Though the bus was taken out of service that day a document signed by the shop manager for Autumn Transportation and Specialty Transportation Inc. stated that the brakes had been repaired the same day.  The DMV uses these statements to clear buses for use and usually does not require a second inspection.
The concern in this case is that before the recent accident Specialty Transportation and Autumn Transportation had been cited with submitting a false report to the DMV and filing a false statement.  These charges were filed after inspectors returned to find that buses had not been repaired, despite written statements that they had been.
Both companies were on an informal “watch list” within the DMV due to ongoing problems repairing their buses.  DMV inspectors have checked the bus involved in the fatal accident for signs of equipment failure.  However, officials have not released the report due to the ongoing police investigation.
The attorneys and staff at Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren would like to offer our condolences to the families of those injured and killed in the January 9th accident.


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