Accidents on I 365 and I 95 in Waterford, CT Cause Injury, Gas Leak

Two auto accidents caused damage to the vehicles involved and resulted in one minor injury.  Though a tanker truck avoided tipping over the impact caused the tank to rupture, leaking gas onto the highway.

The first accident occurred on Route 32 at the entrance to I 395. The tanker jackknifed in the midst of evening rush hour traffic.  Though the driver prevented his truck from tipping over the accident did cause the tank to spring a leak.  The rupture caused diesel fuel to spill on the highway.

The Department of Environmental Protection was called out to assist the state police.  The fuel spill was cleaned up and the large truck cleared from the roadway.  Drivers were asked to detour around the scene, causing Old Norwich Road to become congested.

A second accident occurred not long after the first was cleaned up.  This accident happened when a car and a truck collided on Route 85 at the entrance to Interstate 95.  One woman complained of pain in her back, neck and legs.  She was taken to a local hospital.  She was the only person injured in the accident.

Common injuries sustained during a car accident include whiplash, back injury and head trauma.

The staff and attorneys of Connecticut’s Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren hope that the injured woman recovers fully and quickly from her injuries.


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