Connecticut Warehouse Receives Fines for Worker Safety Violations

OSHA investigators recently performed an inspection of the food distribution warehouse of Bozzuto’s Inc.  The investigation found that multiple safety violations were putting workers at risk.  The company has been cited for 25 violations.  The violations included many that created a hazardous and potentially injurious situation for workers.

Those employed at the Bozzuto’s warehouse, located 25 miles south of Hartford, CT, were being exposed to electrical, mechanical and exit hazards.  These hazards pose a serious risk to workers who could be cut, electrocuted, caught in the machinery or prevented from leaving the building in case of a fire.  These injuries are some of the more common on the job injuries.

The acting area director for OSHA, Kang Yi, stated that, “it is imperative that the company take effective action to ensure that all such conditions are corrected and do not reoccur.”

Work condition safety violations included 20 serious citations with fines of over $550,000.  Five other citations warranted another $3,000 of proposed fines.  These fines were levied against the company for failing to keep accurate records of injury or illness.

The Hartford worker’s compensation attorneys at Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren hope that all of the safety violations are taken care of immediately and that no workers have been injured due to the companies negligence.


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