Are you a Connecticut worker who has been injured at work?

If so you are certainly not alone.  This month we featured an article about theviolence reported by health care workers across Connecticut.  Hospital staff members are at high risk of both slip and fall injuries and injuries stemming from violence at work.

A recent shooting at an area medical facility highlighted the issue of violence in hospitals.  Orderlies, nurses, janitors and doctors are often at risk of violence at the hand of patients.  According to nurses, being spit on, slapped, even punched are common place.  The issues is even more serious than hospital incident reports indicate.  Low-level violence such as hair pulling is often not reported as it happens so often.

Unless a heath care worker is seriously injured minor attacks are often ignored.  If a police officer is spat upon or slapped the perpetrator is arrested.  Not so in a hospital setting.  Patients are very rarely disciplined or charged with assault.

When you add the this the fact that hospital workers often slip and fall at work it becomes clear that working in the heath care industry can be very dangerous.

If you have been injured at work you do have the right to file for workers compensation.  You should never be intimidated into not filing an accident report form or for working through an injury.  If you need help winning your CT workers compensation claim please contact your Connecticut personal injury attorney at Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren today for your free consultation.

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