Hospital Staff Members Report Workplace Violence, Injury on the Rise

Nurses and orderlies in Connecticut’s hospitals assist thousands of patients each year.  Unfortunately they also suffer at the hands of those they help.  Violence in the workplace is very real for these heath care workers.

Health care workers deal with more violent incidences than any other group of workers the United States.  The amount of reported violent incidents exceeds even cabdrivers, bartenders and convenience store clerks.

While the number of injuries reported to OSHA on behalf of medical workers is alarming the number of violent acts in hospitals is actually much higher than it seems.  Nurses at Connecticut hospitals say that many low-level incidents such as hair pulling and spitting go unreported.

As a nurse at Danbury Hospital, Tyrne Wade has seen her share of violence.  She reports that she has been punched and has learned not to wear a necklace that hangs outside of her uniform or earrings that dangle.

“If I wrote a report about every time a patient spat food at me, I’d be writing reports all day,” Wade said.

The workers compensation attorneys at Glass, Lebovtiz, Kasheta & Bren hope that increased hospital security and staff training will help prevent a further rise in violence against health care workers in Connecticut.

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