Child in Hartford, CT Attacked by Dog

A recent dog attack in Hartford, CT has left a young child with serious injuries and lifelong scars.  The 8-year-old-boy was attacked at the home of a family member.

Though the dog was up to date on its shots it was not licensed.  The owner of the pit bull was cited for having a nuisance dog and failure to license.  Reportedly, the owners have quarantined the dog in their home and are deciding what to do with the animal.

The child was taken to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center to be treated for his injuries.  The attack left the young child with lacerations on his face and back.  In addition, a portion of the child’s left ear was bitten off by the dog.  No details were available as far as prior aggression by the dog or provocation.

The number of dog attacks in Connecticut tends to increase as the temperature rises in the spring and summer.  More dogs and children, the most common dog attack victims, come outside to enjoy the warmer weather.

The staff and attorneys at Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren would like to extend our well wishes to the child and his family.  We know all too well that the scars from a dog attack, both physical and mental, can be difficult to recover from.


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