Our Connecticut Attorneys Take Slip and Fall Cases Seriously

When we talk about slip and fall injuries many assume that these are exaggerated by attorneys or invented by the “victim”.  However, a slip and fall, no matter if it occurs in the home or while out shopping can actually be a serious, even life threatening accident.

Since a slip and fall or trip and fall can occur without warning, there is no way to prepare for such an accident.  In a car you wear your belt, purchase a vehicle with air bags, all in the name of safety.  However, a puddle left in the middle of an isle or an item left sticking out of a shelf creates a hazard that is impossible to prepare for.

Some slip and fall accidents just happen.  However, these accidents often occur when someone, an employee, a business owner, fails to protect those around them.  The ensuing fall and injury may be minor, or it may be something more serious like a broken wrist or back injury. 

If you have been injured you may be eligible for compensation.  The Connecticut attorneys at Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren have recovered lost wages and medical bills for many clients.  We work to ensure that both your mental and physical needs are met.  Our goal is to get you the compensation you deserve, all while keeping you informed of any and all changes in your case.

A slip and fall case is most successful when evidence is gathered immediately.  Do not hesitate.  Call today.   1.860.257.1000

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