Connecticut Looking to Decrease Auto Accidents Through New Laws

Though rare these days there are several proposed laws that are garnering bipartisan support in Connecticut.  The laws all center around one theme: Decreasing injuries and deaths on Connecticut’s roads.

Representative Antonio Guerrera, a Democrat from Rocky Hill, is co-chairman of the legislature’s Transportation Committee.  Guerrera believes that the multiple traffic safetybills can and will be passed.

“Most of them are ready to go.  Let’s look at the big picture, these are public safety bills.”

According to Guerrera, the bill that would raise fines for cell-phone use while driving is drawing the most attention.  He believes that the law “has a good chance” of being passing this session.

Sen. Toni Boucher of Wilton agrees.

“I don’t think it’s a matter of if we will pass them, it’s a matter of when we will pass them.”

The laws under consideration include:

  • A bill that will protect pedestrians and cyclist by imposing a $5000 fine and community service when “careless driving” results in serious injury.
  • A bill that would allow pictures and video to be used against a driver who passes a bug, ignoring the stop sign displayed on its side.
  • A bill that would allow police to impose a fine of $75 for drivers who fail to remove snow from their vehicle. If the snow or ice not removed from a vehicle causes and accident the driver could be fined up to $1,250.
  • The final bill increases the fines given to those who use their cell phones while driving. Currently drivers in Connecticut are given a waiver if they purchase a hands-free device after getting a ticket. The new law would impose a $100 ticket for first-time violators.

The staff and attorneys Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren hope that any laws passed by the legislature decrease the number of car accidents in Rocky Hill, Norwich and across Connecticut.


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