Memorial Honors Fallen Connecticut Workers

A permanent memorial was recently established in Hartford, Connecticut.  The memorial honors workers who have lost their lives during a workplace accident.  Though working men and women gather each year to honor and remember those they have lost to workplace injury, illness and violence, this year was different.

This year the group was able to gather around a monument in Bushnell Park that will forever stand in honor of fallen workers across the state.  Linda Borovicka was pleased to see that workers were being honored.  Linda lost her husband, a union carpenter who was killed on the job, and was there to remember him.

“It just makes me feel that he was important to everyone.  He was one of those hard workers and this is very important.  It’s a wonderful tribute.”

This year many were gathered to remember those who lost their lives during the explosion at the Kleen Energy plant in Middletown.  Six workers were killed and 11 were injured during the tragic accident.  The names of the dead were read during the dedication ceremony.

Work to erect the monument began more than 20 years ago.  In 1987 sixteen workers were killed when the 16-story building they were working on collapsed.  Now, more than two decades later, the friends and family members of workers who lost their lives on the job have a place to gather, remember and find comfort.


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