Dog Attack in Connecticut Injures Owner and her Dog

Dr. Hope Klug was walking her dog, a 2-year-old goldendoodle, when two dogs broke free from their walker and attacked her dog.  Klug was in her East Rock neighborhood when the attack occurred.

According to Dr. Klug, a researcher at Yale University, the other dog, a pit-bull, broke free from its walker and attacked her dog.

“I turn around, and the dog, the larger dog, was just on us, instantly,” Klug stated. “…Just biting him, he was viciously attacking him.  There is no doubt he was going to kill my dog.”

During the initial attack another dog broke free from the same walker and joined in.  The goldendoodle suffered serious injuries in the attack to include lacerations to his leg, abdomen and genitals.  The injuries required surgery at a local veterinarians office.  Dr. Klug was also injured during the attack and feels that the New Haven Animal Control has not done enough to remedy the situation.

According to Animal Control there is no history of previous attacks from the dog.  A kill order has come from Connecticut’s Department of Agriculture.

The owner of the dogs that attacked does not believe that her dogs should be put down.  Though she feels “terrible” about the attack she does not think that the dogs are a public threat.  Dr. Klug disagrees.

“I want this dog out of my neighborhood; I can’t imagine anyone else who wants this dog in their neighborhood.”


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