Texting and Driving an Issue in Ct and Nationwide

If you are concerned about the number of drivers texting when they should be concentrating on the road you are not alone. A recent study looked at the number of texting adults and teens who talk and text while driving.  The number is higher than you may think for so called responsible adults.

The study, performed by the Pew Center for Research, found that of texting adults 47 percent had sent or read text messages while driving.  Here in Ct., we know all too well that many drivers continue to both talk and text, despite increasingly strict laws against it.

Recently, police sighted hundreds of people for texting or talking on their cell phone while driving.  In fact, the police did not have enough officers to pull over the number of drivers they saw violating the law.

The problem with distracted driving is that it not only causes bad driving; it costs lives.  Please join our attorneys in pledging to put down the phone and drive. That one missed call, that one answered text may just save a life.

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