Who is responsible for a dog bite or attack in Conn.?

If you have been attacked or bitten by a dog you are likely in the process of deciding what to do about filing a personal injury suit against the dogs’ owner.  Though the laws pertaining to dog attacks in Connecticut are like many states, there are things to consider when choosing an attorney and suing the dogs’ owner.

If you have been attacked, and the attack caused damage to your body or your property,the owner of the dog is strictly liable.  The only exception to this law is when the person who was injured was trespassing,  teasing, abusing or tormenting the dog.

Another thing that your lawyer will have to consider is if the dogs’ owner has homeowners insurance.   If not, and if they do not have any assets to compensate the injured party, then how will you be compensated for your medical bills, missed work and suffering?  In some cases, a landlord can be held responsible for the attack.  If a property owner knew that their tenant had a dog they may be held liable to a dog bite victim.

Have you or your child been attacked by a dog?  If so please know that you have rights.  If you need to speak with an attorney please contact your experienced Ct. dog bite attorneys at Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren today for your free consultation.



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