Two Connecticut Workers File Lawsuit After Construction Accident

Recently a construction accident along Interstate 95 in Connecticut seriously injured two workers.  The accident occurred with the steel rebar that had been set up to aid in a major construction project collapsed, pinning one worker and injuring a second.

An attorney for the injured men stated that, “It was a steel cage that was 30 feet long by 26 feet high made with steel rods that weighed many tons.”

Crush injuries are common on construction sites, along with falls from a height.  Employers and supervisors must work to prevent such accidents from occurring.  Safety measures must be in place that protect workers from such serious, even catastrophic accidents.

The pinned worker, Fernando Fernandez, was seriously injured.  The other worker, Antonio DeJesus, rode the structure to the ground and was also injured.  According to the construction workers and their lawyer the lawsuit, which asserts that the company failed to keep an important safety cable attached, has been filed to compensate for the workers’ injuries and to protect the workers in the future.


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