When a Dog Bites in Conn. Who is Responsible?

A dog bite or attack is a traumatic event for all involved.  The victim, often a child, is left with physical wounds and mental trauma that can last a lifetime.  As the condition of the victim stabilizes parents and family members are often angry, rightfully so, and want to know who is responsible for the dog that perpetrated the attack.

In Connecticut (CT) the owner is strictly liable for a bite or attack.  The owner has a responsibility to keep their dog under control at all times and to ensure that the animal is not a threat.  Usually, the owners homeowners insurance will cover any compensation awarded to the victim and their family.  However, in cases where the owner is renting or does not have homeowners insurance, who pays for the damages?

In some cases, a landlord can be held responsible.   If the landlord knew or should have known that their tenant had a dog, they can be held liable.

After a dog bite you should certainly seek medical attention.  When you are sure that you or your child is stable and well, please do contact an experienced lawyer who specializes in dog bite cases.  More than likely you deserve compensation for your injuries to help pay for medical bills, time off work and ongoing mental and physical treatments.

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