Leaves, Fall Light Bring Beauty and Danger to Conn. Drivers

Connecticut is famous for our beautiful fall foliage.  The state boasts several National Scenic Byways.  These roads, such as Conn. State Route 169 and the Merritt Parkway (SR 15) draw drivers and bikers from across the nation.  However, all this attention and traffic, combined with driving hazards unique to season, can create dangerous driving conditions.

For example, driving on leaf covered roads, especially when it has been raining, can cause your car to lose traction, possibly causing an accident.  In addition, leaves can cover road defects such as pot holes, making it nearly impossible for you to avoid them.  This can be particularly dangerous for motorcyclists.

In addition, the fall light can make windshield glare more apparent.  Many people choose to take a scenic drive at sunset, so be sure to pull over in a safe location if you are having a hard time seeing.  Morning frost on both windshields and roadways are a real possibility this time of year.  Clear all leaves and frost from your windows and windshield before hitting the road.

At Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren our staff and attorneys would like you help you stay safe.  This fall, and every day, please remain aware of your surroundings and focus on the road, taking into account any and all seasonal hazards.

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