Multiple Workers Injured During Separate Conn. Construction Accidents

In Connecticut a total of five workers were injured in two separate construction accidents this month.  All injured workers sustained injuries that are considered serious.  Both accidents involved the failure of a structural support beam.

The beam that fell at the construction site at Yale University in New Haven pinned one employee after striking a mechanical lift that held two workers.  The other beam fell into a large trench during a collapse, striking one worker in the head.  Both accidents are being investigated by OSHA.

These serious accidents bring attention, however tragic, to the dangers of construction work and the importance that construction companies follow proper safety procedures.  Though we cannot speak to the safety guidelines at these specific sites, we do know that too often owners, managers and supervisors put the lives of their employees at risk.  Safety guidelines are meant to keep workers safe and prevent on the job injury and death.  Though true accidents do happen, we often find that an “accident” at work was actually caused by a lax adherence to proper safety measures.

After being hurt at work there are many things that go through your mind.  Though your recovery should your only concern, your time off of work and potential of diminished earning capacity can weigh heavily on you and your family.  When you are ready to fight for your rights as a worker, to get the compensation you deserve, contact your experienced workers comp attorneys at Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren for your free consultation.

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