Dog that Bit Elderly Brooklyn, Conn. Resident in Quarantine

An elderly person was walking on Ventura Drive near the intersection of Fortin Drive when a medium -sized tan dog attacked.  Though information is limited it was reported that the dog was a tan pit-bull type dog.  The incident took place on November 3 in Brooklyn, Conn.

The Northeastern Connecticut Council of Governments, part of a system of regional councils throughout New England, was responsible for ensuring that the dog was placed under quarantine.  In Connecticut any dog who bites or attacks, if found, must be placed under quarantine.  This type of quarantine generally lasts 14 days.

John Filchak is the executive director of the council and was responsible for issuing a public news release concerning the incident.  Information that led to the apprehension of the dog was received days after the bite.

No information was available as to the identity of the dog’s owner or if any charges will be filed.

In Connecticut the owner of any dog who bites or attacks is strictly liable for any injuries or damages that arise from the incident.  Dog owners are responsible for keeping their pet in control at all times.  This includes dogs that escape their enclosure, are on a walk or are let free to roam the neighborhood.  Dog bites can be serious events, especially when multiple wounds require ongoing medical care.

The dog bite attorneys at Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren hope that the victim is on his way to making a full recovery from his injuries.


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