Will a Bill Create Safer Teen Drivers in Connecticut?

A national grant program may have an impact right here in Connecticut.  TheStudents Taking Action for Road Safety Act of 2010 (STARS) has been presented to the House of Representatives.  The large bill, totaling $25 million per year, would fund programs here in Conn. and across the nation.

The goal of the bill is to increase awareness of safe driving among high school students.  As we have discussed before, driver distraction, due primarily to passengers and electronic devices, are common among teens and young adults and a major cause of serious accidents.

The bill’s supporters hope to boost support for student-led groups that work to promote teen safety programs.  National and state teen safety driver conferences would also be held, along with outreach programs that target parents of teen drivers.

The question is:  Will the bill work to prevent teen driver distraction?  Though we are hopeful, the only thing we can be sure of is that good driving starts at home.  You, as the parent of a teen, are the best deterrent of distracted driving.  Leading by example, put down the phone and drive.  Also, establish basic safe driving guidelines and talk often about the importance of safe driving.

Whether or not the bill passes, we can work, at a local level, to keep our teens safe.  Join ourlaw firm today in our effort to spread the word about the dangers of texting and driving, talking and driving and other dangerous distracted driving behaviors.

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