Connecticut Winter Driving Dangers Include Your Icy Windshield

recent accident in Trumbull, Conn. is being blamed on a frosty windshield.  This accident, which fortunately only caused minor injuries to a pedestrian, should be remind us all of the importance of clearing snow and frost from our vehicles.

Though we may be in a rush to get to work, the extra five minutes it takes to clear your windshield, side windows and back window could mean the difference between a safe drive to work and a serious accident.  If you do not clear the snow off your vehicle you may be in for more trouble than a fender bender; Connecticut state law mandates that your windshield be free from obstruction.

In addition, if large pieces of snow or ice fall from your vehicle and strike another, you may beliable for damages to the other car and any injuries caused by an accident.  So when you think about it, that five minutes of window scraping may just save you thousands of dollars.

As personal injury attorneys we see the number of serious, even deadly injuries increase as winter hits New England.  Please take extra time to get to your destination, slow down if roads are at all icy and above all, please find a sober ride home this holiday season.

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