Connecticut: Injured Worker Wins Employer Retaliation Case

For the second time in less than three years a Connecticut railroad company has been reprimanded by OSHA for retaliating against injured workers.  In the newest case, Metro-North was fined and made to take corrective actions after an employee from Meriden, Conn. was disciplined after suffering from an on the job injury.  After reporting the company for a 10-day suspension following the injury the man was given another 30 day suspension.

OSHA agreed that the second suspension was unwarranted and awarded the injured employee $75,000 plus legal fees.

The other case against Metro-North was settled in 2009 when it was found that four employees were retaliated against after being hurt at work.  Two of the employees were injured while working in Connecticut.

As experienced workers compensation attorneys we have seen too many injured employees suffer in silence instead of defending their rights.  They do so because of the fear of retaliation, as seen in the above cases.  If you have been hurt at work you have the right to file for workers compensation without the fear of being reprimanded or fired.  Contact a workers’ comp lawyer today for your free consultation.  You have rights.  Let’s fight for them.

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