Connecticut Tavern Settles Over 2008 Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Connecticut State’s Liquor Control Division has agreed on a punishment for John’s Mystic River Tavern.  The bar was accused of serving alcohol to an already intoxicated person after a man and his passenger left the bar on a motorcycle and were killed during a crash.

Stonington police reported the motorcyclists’ blood-alcohol level to be .14, well above the legal limit of .08.  Originally the state had set the fine at $10,000 with a 30-day liquor license suspension.  However, the bar made an counter-offer of a five day suspension and a $5000 fine to be paid over one year.

The state rejected the offer and made plans to begin a hearing.  However, the Cottrell Street bar made a new offer of a 15-day suspension and a $5000 fee to be paid over six months time.  The state accepted this offer.

This settlement has nothing to do with possible civil proceedings against the bar on behalf of the two people killed in the accident.  At the time of this report there was no word as to the possibility of a civil wrongful death lawsuit against the bar.


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