Stratford, CT Firefighters Injured During Accident on I-95

Two fire rescue trucks were struck while responding to multiple accidents on I-95 near Stratford, Conn.  The trucks had just arrived on the scene of one accident and were parked in the center and left lanes when a semi-truck hit the first fire engine.  Soon after another tractor trailer hit the second fire truck.  Both trucks were struck on the right rear corner and according to Fire Marshal Brian Lampart the trucks were “totaled”.

Amazingly, the impact of the crash caused only minor injury.  Two firefighters were taken to a local hospital for treatment and all seven were released from duty and sent for evaluation.  The lack of serious injury is being attributed to the fact that the emergency workers had not yet left the trucks when the crash occurred.

An off-duty Westport firefighter sent radio transmissions to the on-scene firemen, alerting them of the two initial accidents and warning of icy road conditions.  Seven seconds after arriving on the scene the first fire engine was hit, followed shortly by news of the second fire engine being struck as well.

The personal injury and workers compensation attorneys at Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren hope that the injured firefighters are well on their way to making a full recovery.


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