Distracted Driving Causes Accidents in Connecticut- What Can Be Done?

The obvious answer is to make every driver keep his eyes on the road at all times.  Of course, this is neither practical nor feasible.  Laws that limit cell phone use have been passed in Connecticut, and though this is a good step to prevent this type of driver distraction, what about the other types?

One Conn. mother saw the potential for distraction in a common item kept in the car-  A tissue box.  Looking for ways to keep her eyes on the road, and not searching the floor for that elusive box, she invented a refillable tissue container that fits into the cars cup holder.  Will this product save millions of lives?  Perhaps not, but what it does show is that there are practical ways to help drivers keep their eyes and minds on the road.

What can you do to prevent a distracted driving accident?  We urge you to not only put down the cell phone but also plan ahead.  If you might need a drink of water, a napkin a snack for the kids, place these things in easy reach, where you will not need to take your mind and eyes from the road.

The personal injury attorneys at Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren know that one moment of distraction can lead to a serious, even deadly car accident.  Please help us spread the word- Distracted driving starts with you.  Focus on the road and arrive alive.

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