Seymour, CT: A Slip and Fall Accident Waiting to Happen?

Residents and visitors of downtown Seymour, CT are in for an unpleasant surprise.  A battle between who is responsible for the parking lanes of state Route 115, also known as Main Street, has left many in danger of getting stuck or suffering from a slip and fall accident.

83-year-old resident Pete Giovacchino was recently seen moving carefully, leaning on his cane, in an attempt not to slip between parked cars and the curb.  Giovacchino is a landlord and has been out clearing snow.  He wonders why the town can’t do the same.

“I’m going crazy coming out in the middle of these storms clearing the sidewalks for my tenants here.  I’m 83 years old, and I can come out and do it. So, why can’t Seymour plow this street?”

Well, according to the town of Seymour the state is responsible for clearing the entire road.  However, the Connecticut Department of Transportation says that they are only mandated to clear the travel portion of the roadway.

In the meantime, residents are caught in the middle of the slippery mess.  As slip and fall lawyers it is our concern that if someone does slip and fall, hurting themselves, they may not be able to file a successful personal injury suit.  The state cannot be sued in this particular case and the city can only be sued if they allow snow and ice to accumulate for a long enough.


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