Who is responsible for ice/snow removal in Seymour, CT?

As the dispute between the city of Seymour, Conn. and ConnDOT continues, city residents are left dealing with a slippery mess.  The dispute revolves around a strip of Route 115, Main Street in Seymour.

While ConnDOT maintains that they are only responsible for the driving lanes of the state highway, the city says that they do not have the money in their snow removal budget to remove the rest of the snow and ice.  This remaining snow and ice impact those who park along the street.  Residents and visitors can be seen carefully picking their way around their vehicles to reach the relative safety of the sidewalk.

What would happen in someone were to slip and fall?  Unfortunately, filing a successful personal injury/slip and fall lawsuit against either party would be difficult.  In Connecticut, the state agency cannot be sued and the city can only be sued under very specific conditions.

It would seem that the city or the state would want to quickly remedy the slippery situation, as the cost of a possible lawsuit would far outweigh the cost of removing snow between the driving lanes and curb.  Perhaps they are hoping that nobody will get hurt during a slip and fall, or that the injured party will not take the time to find a good attorney and sue.

Whatever the reason for the delay the Connecticut personal injury attorneys at Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren hope that the issue is resolved before an injury occurs.

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