Youth Officers in Middletown, CT Suffer High Rate of On the Job Injury

Youth service officers at the Connecticut Juvenile Training School in Middletown, CT are reportedly suffering higher on the job injury rates than prison workers and state police.  Currently, 26 workers are out of work on workers compensation claims, most of these stemming from workplace violence.  The staff members are taking steps to try and expand the amount of force they can use when the boys at the school become violent.

Over 100 boys are currently in the school, which is a treatment facility for boys ages 12-17.  The boys have been designated as delinquent and are in CJTS to learn and become more productive members of society.

However, workers are concerned that their safety is at risk each time a boy becomes violent.  They are limited as far as restraining the boys or dealing with behavioral problems.  However, the superintendent of CJTS, William Rosenbeck, believes that the boys in the facility can be handled using less violent methods.

Currently CJST officers are required to use the Safe Crisis Management system, which implements practices such as verbal interventions, guiding a child away from the scene or placing them in different standing or sitting positions.  He reminds workers that they are dealing with children, not adults.

Our Connecticut workers compensation attorneys hope that an agreement can be reached and that the officers are able to perform their job without fear of injury.


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