Can’t stand up straight? You may have a broken back.

Too many women attribute a loss of height or a hunched upper back as an inevitable part of aging.  However, it has become clear that too many women are suffering needlessly.  The cause, many times, is a spinal fracture.  These fractures, most common in older women with osteoporosis, can lead to other fractures, compounding the likelihood of loss of height and a stooped posture.

Car accidents are likely to cause these compression fractures, yet they the injury is often not diagnosed.  This leaves the accident victim at serious risk for chronic back pain, immobility and even death.

What can be done about spinal fractures? Though common treatments include pain killers, braces, bed rest, physical therapy or major surgery, a new treatment is making waves.  Balloon kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive therapy during which a balloon is inserted into the fractured vertebrae.  The balloon is inflated until the bone height is restored.  Then cement is injected in the void created by the balloon, thereby strengthening the bone.

Doctors and patients alike are hopeful that the new procedure will help those suffering with spinal fractures return to a normal, active, pain free life.

The staff and attorneys at Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren have seen the lives of too many Connecticut accident victims damaged by the long terms effects of an undiagnosed spinal fracture.  If you have been in an accident and suspect you may have a spinal fracture please see your doctor.


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