Connecticut Back Roads More Dangerous Than City Streets

A drive down a rural road can be twice as dangerous as one down a city street.  According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, fatality rates due to car accidents are much higher in states with multiple high-speed, two lane rural roads.

Though mortality rates in Connecticut are not terribly high, many argue that they could be lower.  Safety groups believe that increased safety measures, with an emphasis on rural roads and divided highways, could bring our states numbers even lower.   Effective safety measures include an emphasis on reducing distracted driving along with laws that deter drivers from distracting behaviors such as texting and driving.

As experienced Conn. attorneys we know that most accidents are caused by one bad choice, one moment in which a driver makes a mistake, takes their eyes off the road.  These mistakes are too often injurious, even deadly.  We urge you to stay focused when behind the wheel.  Distracted driving, be it a city street or stretch of country highway, can mean the difference between arriving safely home and waking up in the hospital with serious injuries.  Keep your eyes on the road, Connecticut.  Arrive alive!

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