Thank You, Connecticut Animal Control Officers!

Animal control officers in Connecticut do more than catch stay dogs.  In fact, they often risk their health and lives protecting both the public and neglected and abused animals.  Because of this, the National Animal Control Association has made a national effort to highlight the work these dedicated professionals do.

Though the week has passed there is no reason why the public cannot still act and thank their local officer.  In Connecticut, animal control officers  not only capture dangerous dogs and save starving horses, they also run shelters for abused and neglected animals that are part of a current investigation.  Their large animal rehabilitation facility is known for its superb care and treatment of the horses and other large animals who are housed there.

What can you do to show your appreciation?  The NACA suggests organizing a lunch event for local officers.  Other ideas include sending flowers, balloons, treats or cards to officers.  Anything you do to show you appreciate the work animal control officers do is welcome.

As a law firm that specializes in dog bites in Connecticut, the staff and attorneys of Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren understand the crucial role animal control officers play in the prevention of dog attacks and the rescue of neglected and abused animals.  Please do your part- Thank an animal control officer today!


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