Turkeys Play Chicken With Connecticut Drivers

Road hazards in Connecticut are not limited to potholes, slick roads and distracted drivers.  In the past few weeks wild turkeys have been responsible for at least two accidents.  Local auto glass technician, Jamie Page of Auto Glass Dynamics, sees an average of five windshields a year with turkey damage.  However, he believes that the turkeys can do more than just shatter windows.

“Oh yeah it can come right on your lap.  I’ve heard of people getting killed from it,” says Page.

Fortunately for Kristen Pechout, she was not injured during her recent car/turkey accident on I-95 in Groton, Conn.

“I didn’t think it was actually going to walk in the road, let alone take flight and hit my windshield,” Pechout stated.

Pechout was able to maintain control of her vehicle and get to the side of the road.  However, under the right conditions a driver could very well lose control of their vehicle and crash.  The last driver whose car was struck by a turkey had to be taken to the hospital and treated for injuries caused by the accident.

The staff and attorneys at Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren have reported on the dangers of migrating deer, and now we must also be on the lookout for turkeys.  Keeping your eyes on the road and not allowing yourself to drive distracted may be the key to preventing the majority of accidents; turkey related or not.


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