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Dog Bite Prevention

Though Connecticut does not have a higher than average number of dog bites we do have to be concerned about the potential for attacks.  Statistically, children are bitten more than any other group.  In order to protect your child and yourself please read over the following dog bite prevention tips.

  • Never approach a strange dog- No matter if the dog is in a fence, chained or in a car do not ever approach a dog. Unfamiliar people can frighten or cause it to become territorial. A territorial dog is more likely to attack.
  • Pay attention to what the dog is doing- Though you should never approach any dog, even a familiar dog can become aggressive when it is eating, sleeping or has puppies.
  • Do not provoke a dog- Teasing, running away from, chasing or yelling at a dog can upset it. Even the most docile dog may not stand for teasing or chasing.
  • Do not stare at a dog- Staring into the eyes of a dog is a sign of aggression within a dog pack. For this reason do not stare at a dog, whether you know the dog or not.
  • Ask permission before petting a dog- If a dog is with its owner do not approach it without asking the owner. If you do approach the dog ensure that you let the dog smell you hand before petting it.
  • Do not leave children alone with a dog– Dogs, even those you believe are safe, can and do attack small children. Children may startle or hurt the dog, and it may, in turn, bite or attack.
  • Try to remain calm- If a strange dog approaches you try not to run or yell. If the dog is not acting aggressively allow it to smell you.
  • Report suspicious or aggressive dogs- If a dog is acting at all aggressive or “off” please report it to your local animal control office.

Though protecting yourself from a dog attack is important even if you take every precaution dogs can and do attack.

If you or your child has been bitten or attacked by a dog in Connecticut please contact your experienced pet attack attorney at Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren today for your free consultation.

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