My boss tells me not to go through workers’ compensation because it will raise his premiums. He says he’ll take care of me. Should I believe him?

A:   Everyone should believe that miracles happen.  But by the time you’re old enough to be working for a living, you should have stopped believing in fairy tales.

The workers’ compensation law is there to protect you because there are employers who are willing to make promises like this but who do not deliver when the time comes to pay.

We know that employers who ask you not to go through their workers’ compensation insurance carrier will often hint about firing you if you make a claim.  Unfortunately, these are often the same employers who fire an injured worker who can’t get back to full duty right away.  And firing a worker just because he files a workers’ compensation claim is against the law.

Don’t let yourself get stuck with unpaid medical bills and no income.  Make a claim.  An employer who treats you honestly, as the law demands, is an employer who follows the law — and expects you to follow the law, too.

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