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State of Connecticut Insurance Department

The State of Connecticut Insurance Department has information for consumers of every type of insurance.  From auto insurance to life insurance they have the information you need.  In this article we will be looking at the state agencies information as it relates to car insurance.  Choosing the right insurance, from the right company, can save you money and ensure that, in the event of an accident, you are properly covered.

  • File a Complaint- If you believe that your insurance company has not acted in your best interests you are encouraged to file a complaint against the company. The Department’s Consumer Affairs Division handles all complaints and takes every submission seriously. The Department oversees the certification of many within the industry to include insurance agents, motor vehicle physical damage appraisers and public adjustors.
  • Find an Insurance Company– The Insurance Department maintains a list of companies that have been approved and registered. Please click here to view a current list of approved insurance companies in Connecticut.
  • Auto Insurance Information– This page offers a comprehensive look at the types and amounts of car insurance needed in Conn. Topics here include: how to lower your insurance premium, definitions of the types of auto insurance (liability and property damage) and the laws that pertain to minimum coverage required by Connecticut law.
  • Current Insurance News– Topic on this page include recoveries made by the Department on behalf of consumers and buyer beware notices for those looking to purchase insurance.

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