What do I do in case I am involved in a motor vehicle accident?

A: Take these 9 Steps:

1.  STOP — do not leave the scene

2.  DETERMINE whether you are injured or if anyone else is injured

3.  CALL THE POLICE, regardless of what the otherparty has to say or how minor the damage is

4.  DO NOT MOVE YOUR CAR, unless it is dangerous to leave it where it is

5.  EXCHANGE INFORMATION, writing down names, addresses, and insurance company information

6.  DO NOT PROVIDE OR VOLUNTEER, any additional information, but do cooperate with the police

7.  IF YOU HAVE A CAMERA WITH YOU, take some pictures of the damage to the vehicles and the accident scene

8.  SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY, if you are injured or suspect you have sustained an injury

9.  CONTACT, Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren for a FREE consultation!

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