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Top Connecticut Workers Compensation Issues for 2011

Workers compensation should be a simple process by which those injured at work are compensated for the cost of treating their injury and illness and lost wages.  However, the workers comp system in Connecticut and across the United States too often fails to provide adequate compensation to injured workers.  A recent article points to the challenges that injured workers, and the workers compensation system as a whole, face in 2011.  Below we will outline some of the workers compensation issues that will affect both employers and employees this year.

  • Frequency of claims may increase– Starting in 1991 a declining trend has been tracked by workers compensation insurers. However, as the job market strengthens employees who are less experienced may be injured in larger numbers as workers with less experience in a field are more likely to be hurt at work.
  • Injured employees will stay out of work longer- The economic downturn has had the effect of causing injured workers to stay out of work longer than normal. Too often, injured employees were put in transitional jobs, only to be laid off for reasons not related to their injury. This has caused many employees to stay home longer, costing both the employer and the insurer.
  • Medical costs are on the rise- As medical costs rise so does the cost to employers with injured employees. The rise shows no signs of slowing. In addition, insurers are concerned that some doctors are abusing the system while treating injuries that have a wide range of treatment options such as joint injury and back sprains.
  • Social networking sites and workers compensation- Facebook is now the number one U.S. website. Workers compensation and social networking have ushered in a new era of workers compensation issues. For example, a recent case found that a woman had stolen over $8,000 in workers’ compensation after her Facebook posts revealed that she was not as injured as she claimed.

The workers compensation attorneys at Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren work hard to keep on top of all current workers comp news and information.  By passing this knowledge on to you we hope to inform you as to the current state of the workers comp system in Connecticut and your rights as an injured worker.  If you have been hurt or have gotten sick while at work do not hesitate to contact a lawyer at Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren for your free consultation.  The insurance company will be ready with their attorneys.  Who will be looking out for you and your rights 

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