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First Responders- Crucial to Connecticut and Often in Danger

Police officers, firefighters and EMT personnel are among the most recognizable first responders.  By definition, a first responder is a person trained to provide pre-hospital care and first aid during a medical emergency.  In Connecticut we primarily see first responders on the side of the road, assisting after an accident.  As personal injury attorneys we have seen, first-hand, how these brave men and women work to save lives across the state.  However, many do so with the knowledge that their lives hang in the balance each time they respond to a call.

Too many police officers and other first responders are injured, even killed during an accident.  As they work to secure the scene or respond to a call they are at the mercy of every rubbernecker and distracted driver that comes along.  Incidents that often cause injury include:

  • Traffic accidents
  • Accidents where the responder is hit by a passing vehicle
  • Violent behaviors from the injured and others involved in the accident
  • Exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals, fire and bodily fluids
  • Falls when working in a building

These incidents represent just a few of the dangers that first responders face.  Though our brave men and women understand the risks, they continue to serve our state and nation.  For this we offer our sincere thanks.

If you have been injured during an on the job accident you are likely facing an uphill battle.  Without legal help, you may be tempted to take any offer your employer or their insurance company offers.  However, keep in mind that your injuries may not just cost you lost wages and initial medical expenses.  Ongoing medical care, along with the possibility of a diminished capacity to perform your job, may affect you years after the initial injury.  For experience you can rely on please contact your Connecticut workers compensation attorney at Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren for your free consultation.

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