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The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) is part of the United States Department of Labor.  OSHA strives to educate both employees and employers in the hope that doing so will reduce the amount of on the job injuries and deaths across the nation.  OSHA regularly acts on complaints, working to prevent accidents and sighting companies who have failed to comply with safety precautions.   When on the job injuries and deaths occur OSHA investigates these accidents.
The following information is meant as a guide to the OSHA site.  Please click on any of the highlighted links to visit that portion of the OSHA website.

  • Connecticut Offices– Connecticut operates an occupational safety and health program that provides safety and health protections to state and local government employees within the state. To find information on the Connecticut State Plan please click here. The Connecticut Department of Labor is located in Wethersfield. OSHA also operates offices in Connecticut. Offices are located in Bridgeport and Hartford. Please click here to find contact information.
  • File a Complaint– If you believe that your working conditions are unsafe or threaten your health there is something you can do. If you are worried about repercussions at work there are ways that you can file a complaint anonymously. You may download a complaint form and send it from your home or your local library. If you believe that you have been punished for refusing to work in the face of imminent danger or death then you may file a discrimination complaint by calling your Hartford OSHA Regional office.
  • Current News– The latest OSHA news is available here. Current news includes the recent on the job injuries and deaths caused by a Middletown, CT gas explosion.
  • Weekly Fatality Reports– Any on the job accidents that lead to the death of a worker are listed here. Federal and state summaries and totals are available. Causes of death are also listed. Recent deaths have been attributed to falls, auto accidents while at work and long term exposure to chemicals.
  • Workplace Injury Illness and Fatality Statistics– This area will allow you to find statistics that are specific to a certain industry or region. For example, you can find the number of construction workers injured in Connecticut for any given year.
  • Contact Information– Here you will find information on both regional and national offices. Information on filing a report is listed here as well.

The staff and attorneys at Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren hope that the links and information listed here will help you better navigate the OSHA website.
If you believe that your work environment is unsafe please report these safety violations to OSHA immediately.  Your actions may very well prevent an on the job accident, injury or illness.  If you have been injured at work you may need a Norwich workers compensation attorney.

With extensive experience defending injured workers from across Connecticut the on the job injury attorneys at Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren are ready to help you get your life back on track.  When you are ready to fight for your rights as an employee contact your CT workers comp attorneys.  With offices in Rocky Hill, Brooklyn, Norwich and Storrs we are here where you need us, when you need us.

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