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Distraction.gov- Preventing Accidents Caused by Distracted Drivers in Connecticut

Distraction.gov is a nationwide campaign being run by the U.S. Department of Transportation.  The U.S. DOT is working  to prevent accidents caused by drivers distracted by their cell phones and other hand held electronic devices.  Distraction.gov also covers statistics and other information that is crucial to understanding just how serious the problem has become.

The government run program is being used extensively in and around Hartford, Conn.  The program focuses on awareness of the problems caused by distracted driving and the prevention of this dangerous behavior.  Below we will outline both the message that Distraction.gov hopes to get across and the ways in which the campaign is being used in Connecticut.

  • Connecticut Distracted Driving Laws– This page covers the basics of the laws that affect all drivers in Connecticut. For example, did you know that Connecticut has a primary law that prohibits all types of drivers from using handheld cell phones while driving? This means that a police officer in CT can and will pull you over without any other traffic offense taking place. Since October of 2005 police in Connecticut have issued over 116,000 tickets for cell phone use while driving.
  • Types of Distracted Driving– Though we tend to see distracted driving as a problem caused by an uptick in cell phone use there are many ways that drivers can become distracted. The primary types of distracted driving include: Visual (taking your eyes off the road), Manual (taking your hands off the wheel) and Cognitive (taking your mind off what you’re doing). The trouble with using a cell phone while driving is that it tends to distract a driver in all three ways.
  • Watch BAM– This video highlights the dangers of talking and texting while driving. The scenes illustrate how one quick message, one quick call, can be the difference between a safe commute and a terrible accident.

The staff and attorneys at Glass, Lebovitz Kasheta & Bren hope that you have found the information provided on this page to be useful.  We know that the temptation to use your cell phone while driving is ever-present.  However, please wait until you arrive or pull over to talk or text.  Doing so may very well prevent an accident and save a life.

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