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10 Most Common Workplace Injuries

  • 1. Overexertion- Injuries caused by overexertion include pulled muscles, sprains and strains. Common causes of overexertion include excessive lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, carrying or throwing. Back, shoulders and legs are the most common parts to be effected by overexertion injuries.
  • 2. Falls on same level- A fall on the same level occurs when a worker trips, slips or missteps, causing them to fall to the ground. This type of fall can cause multiple injuries to include:
  • back injuries
  • broken arm, hand, wrist, hip, back or ankle
  • concussion
  • traumatic brain injury
  • herniated disc(s)
  • back injury
  • 3. Falls to lower level- This involves falling from a raised surface, such as a ladder or scaffolding. Construction workers are most at risk for this injury.
  • 4. Bodily reaction- These injuries occur when a person slips or trips without falling. Muscles may be strained or sprained as the body attempts to keep itself upright.
  • 5. Struck by object- Usually this type of injury occurs when an object falls off of a raised surface and hits a worker. Examples include tools falling or being dropped from a height, boxes falling from shelves and rocks being kicked up by machines on a construction site.
  • 6. Highway incident- Workers who are in the road construction field are the most likely to be harmed in this way. However, landscapers and police officers are often hit by passing vehicles.
  • 7. Caught in/compressed by- Those working in manufacturing plants and on farms are particularly susceptible to this accident. Machinery may catch a piece of clothing, pulling a limb in and crushing or amputating it. Many of these accidents are caused by missing guards or safety warnings.
  • 8. Repetitive motion- When a body part is used again and again in the same way stress and strain can affect the body. For example, the repeated strain of lifting heavy boxes can cause a back injury.
  • 9. Struck against object- This injury occurs when a worker trips or walks into an object. Walking into a swinging door is an example.
  • 10. Assaults/violent acts- Fights that occur on the job site can cause this injury.


Knowing what the most common on the job injuries are is an important step toward preventing workplace injuries.  Please use the information above to keep you and your coworkers safe.


If you have been injured at work you may be eligible to receive workers comp.  Your employer’s insurance company and possibly even your employer may not offer you enough to pay your medical bills, let alone lost wages and ongoing medical care.

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