The insurance company for the owner of the other vehicle is dragging its feet. What’s going on?


Insurance companies are supposed to protect their customers.  Proper protection means talking to their customer and listening what he or she has to say.
This means that if the insurer of the owner at fault often won’t agree to take any action until it’s had a chance to talk to its customer or the vehicle’s driver.  And even if it does reach its customer quickly, if the owner or driver of the other vehicle denies fault (or says that you were also to blame) the insurance company is not going to pay until the dispute about fault is resolved.  The insurance companies know that it’s a lot easier to say no first and then pay, than it is to pay first and then try to get money back.
There are two things you can do to hurry the process along.  First, you can report the collision instead of waiting for the owner at fault to get around to it.  Once you contact the insurer for the owner at fault, the owner’s insurer is going to be calling its insured to get things moving.  Second, you can get the police report-it’s an official document from a neutral professional.  If the investigating officer puts the full blame on the other driver it’s much easier to persuade the insurance company that protecting its customer means paying you.

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