I keep being asked for the police report. How can I get it?


Do NOT call the emergency line.  Instead, call the “records” office of the police department whose officer investigated the crash.  The “exchange of information” form given to the drivers at the scene lists the name and town of the investigating officer (or, if the officer was a State trooper, the Troop letter), and the accident report number.  In the blue pages of the phone book, check under the town name or, if a trooper investigated, under “State of Connecticut, Department of Public Safety.”
The fastest way to get the report is to get it from the town department or Troop yourself. If the report is not ready in a week, you can ask to leave a message for the investigating officer.  Please remember, though, that no matter how much you want or need the report, it’s a lot better to ask politely than to demand it.  Individual officers and troopers often respond well to requests for help, but your demand will only serve as a reminder of how busy they are with other things.

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