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Minor Injuries Sustained During a Car Accident

“Connecticut Car Accident Causes Only Minor Injuries”  This headline and versions of it are seen in newspapers across our state every day.  The term minor injury leads one to assume that the injury victim has not suffered painful, sometimes serious injuries.  However, even so called minor injuries can have a major impact on the victims’ life and recovery.  In this article we will be discussing types of minor injuries caused by car accidents.  Please click on any of the underlined links below to learn more about the particular injury.

  • Neck and Back Injuries– If a back or neck injury is not catastrophic, does not threaten the injury victims live, then it will most likely be considered a minor injury. However, back and neck injuries, such as sprains, strains and whiplash, can cause pain for months, even years after the initial injury. In addition, symptoms may not surface for days after the accident. This may cause the insurance company to claim that the injury is not real, that it has been exaggerated, even made up, by the accident victim.
  • Broken Bones– A broken arm or leg, if it does not immediately threaten one’s life, is considered a minor injury. But this injury, depending on its severity, can require multiple surgery, months of physical therapy and cost you thousands of dollars in medical bills.
  • Cuts– Damage done by a cut is dependent on the depth and length of the laceration. If deep enough the cut can affect nerves and muscle, leading to long-lasting or permanent impairment.

Our personal injury attorneys know all too well that when your injures are labeled minor they can be anything but.  However, insurance companies will want to use the “minor” distinction to offer you lower compensation than you deserve.  Fight for your rights as an accident victim.  Contact your experienced Connecticut personal injury attorney at Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren for your absolutely free consultation.

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