National Animal Control Association Serves Animal Control Officers

National Animal Control Association

The National Animal Control Association (NACA) is an organization dedicated to educating animal control officers of Connecticut and across the nation.  Their mission is to “define and promote professionalism in the animal protection care and humane law enforcement field by providing quality services, education, training and support.

In order to carry out their mission the NACA organizes trainings for officers and maintains an extensive website.  Though the site is intended for animal control officers there is a lot of information that is useful to the general public.  Below you will find some of the more informative portions of the site along with contact information for those who are interested in learning more about becoming an animal control officer.

  • Training– Training revolves not only around the care and treatment of animals, but also the frequent interactions officers have with the public. In fact, animal control officers make four times the public contact of other law enforcement officers. The NACA training academy is based on four key goals:
  • o Improved Service
  • o Enhanced Image
  • o Reduced Liability
  • o Increased Efficiency
  • Current News– The NACA puts out a bi-monthly magazine that addresses issues that control officers often face. Upcoming themes include Dying to be Humane, Preparing for Disasters and Pawsitive Outcome, Saving Lives.
  • FAQ’s: Among other topics, the FAQ section covers costs of training and the NACA’s role in finding employment for potential animal control officers.
  • Job Listings: Though the NACA does not offer job placement services, they do maintain a page dedicated to the listing of job opportunities from across the country. Current job listings include animal control officer, veterinarian and animal services manager.
  • Contact Information: Contact the NACA directly if you have questions that were not answered on the site.


The dog bite and attack attorneys at Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren hope that the information in this article is helpful to our clients and to anyone interested in the profession of animal control officer.

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