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Rabies is a very preventable disease that affects mammals.  According to the Center for Disease Control the most common type of transmission is through the bite of an animal who has contracted the disease.  Prevention is key in keeping dog, cats and humans safe from the potentially deadly illness.  Please read on to learn more about how rabies affects both animals and humans.

  • What rabies is– Rabies is an virus that infects the central nervous system. If the disease goes on unchecked it can disease the brain and cause death.
  • How rabies is transmitted– Rabies is passed from animal to animal through the saliva of an infected animal. The most common way for the saliva to enter the body is through a bite. Any bites from either wild or domesticated animals should be reported to your doctor or veterinarian.
  • Signs and symptoms– Early signs of rabies include: flu like symptoms, weakness, fever, headache, and an itching sensation at the bite site. A few days after the infection is transmitted other symptoms may appear such as: cerebral dysfunction, confusion, anxiety, agitation, delirium, hallucinations and insomnia. If a person is exhibiting signs of the disease it have likely progressed too far for successful treatment. It is crucial that you report any animal bite to your doctor BEFORE signs appear.
  • Prevention– Preventing rabies starts with ensuring that any and all pets are immunized against rabies. If you own a cat, dog or ferret be sure to keep their rabies vaccination up to date. If there are any stray dogs in your neighborhood DO call animal control. These animals may be ill or unvaccinated.

If you have been bitten or attacked by an animal we cannot stress enough the importance of reporting it to a physician.  Even if you do not believe the animal was ill it is better to ensure that you are protected from this serious disease.

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