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The Whistleblower Protection Program (OSHA)

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration has many programs in place which are intended to help the government agency achieve “safer and more healthful workplaces throughout the nation.”   One such program is the Whistleblower Protection Program.  The program is specifically designed to ensure that employees, in Connecticut and across the country, are able to file a complaint with OSHA, participate in an OSHA inspection and testify in an OSHA related proceeding without retaliation from their employer.

Employer Retaliation

Though the most common form of retaliation is firing the following also constitute “adverse action”:

  • Laying off
  • Blacklisting
  • Demoting
  • Denying overtime or promotion
  • Disciplining
  • Denial of benefits
  • Failure to hire or rehire
  • Intimidation
  • Making threats
  • Reassignment affecting prospects for promotion
  • Reducing pay or hours

Employees who are retaliated against in these ways are protected under the program.  The person filing the complaint is responsible for showing that he or she was participating in a protected activity, that the employer knew about the activity and that the employer subjected the employee to an adverse action, as listed above.

Filing a Complaint

Do you believe that your employer has retaliated or discriminated against you because of your concern over workplace safety or reporting of an on the job injury?  If so, OSHA urges you to contact your local OSHA office.  You must file a complaint as soon as possible. This is because most discrimination complaints fall under the OSH act, which gives you only 30 days to report the retaliation.  Once you have reported the violation OSHA will conduct interviews to determine the need for further investigation.


The workers compensation lawyers at Glass, Lebovitz, Kasheta & Bren encourage you to speak up and protect yourself and others against workplace safety violations.  There are laws in place to protect you and speaking up just may save a life.  If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact your Connecticut workers comp attorney today for your absolutely free consultation.

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