Surveillance—Expect It

We’ve asked.  When people hear the word “surveillance,” they think of police watching criminals, stores trying to catch thieves, and private investigators filming cheating spouses.  You’re not a criminal.  You’re not a thief. And you’re not a cheat.  All that happened to you is that you got hurt.  But there’s a good chance you’re going to be put under surveillance anyway,


So what do you do?


First, expect that you’re going to be watched and filmed.


Second, stick to your doctor’s restrictions.  You’re never filmed when you’re at your worst or following orders.  You’re only going to be filmed doing something you think you need to do but know you’re not supposed to do.  If you have a 10 pound lifting restriction and carry your garbage can to the street, that’s when you’ll be filmed-not when you spend the next day in bed cursing yourself for ignoring the doctor and being so stupid.  If you aren’t supposed to be bending, that’s when you’ll be filmed reaching into the trunk to get your groceries-not when you’re scolding your teenager for not helping as promised.  And when you’re not supposed to be reaching overhead, that’s when you finally decide to replace your burned-out porch light-not when your spouse is helping you out of a chair and reminding you it could have waited.


Third, don’t “act” for the camera that may be out there.  Some days are better than others for almost everyone.  If you’re supposed to walk, is there anything wrong with walking behind a lawn mower?  If your doctor wants you to exercise, is there anything wrong with going to a gym?  If you often limp, or use a cane, don’t bother limping if you don’t have to, and don’t bring a cane if you’re really not going to use it.


Finally, if you’re ever asked, avoid the two words that are never good when you’re telling the truth-“always” and “never.”  When you say “I always” do something, it’s a fair bet there’s film of you not doing it.  And when you say “I never” do something, we can promise you there will be a picture of you doing just what you “never” do.


Be true to yourself and your doctor’s restrictions and no one will ever be able to label you as a criminal, thief or cheat.  Be mindful of your restrictions and you’ll have no problems.

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