The value of work

We strongly believe in the value of work.  We work hard for people who work, and for people who wish they could work-or wish they had work.  Over the years, we have seen over and over again that people will do whatever they can to work-even in a job they’re not crazy about-rather than sit home and be reminded of how totally boring and unfulfilling life can be when there is nothing productive to do.

Sure, clients come to us with stories about ‘someone I know’ or ‘someone I heard about’ who sounds as if he’s milking the compensation system-or scamming it.  Some doctors don’t want to care for patients with workers’ compensation cases because they think the worker would rather collect paltry benefits instead of getting well.  And to hear some employer’s talk about it, their employees should limp in to work and ‘toughen up,’ no matter what the injury.

We think our clients want to get back to work as soon as they have healed.  But they want to get competent medical care and the full time they to recover without being rushed back to a job they can’t perform.  If this is you, we’ll work well together.  But if you’re like that ‘someone I know,’ or someone who is sure to confirm a doctor’s worst opinion of workers’ compensation patients, then shame on you-and if you happen to call for information, please don’t ask us to represent you.

This is where we are coming from in our handling of workers’ compensation claims.  We will do our damnedest to help you get and keep good medical and surgical care, to keep your benefits coming while you’re healing, to make sure that the full extent of your permanent disability is recognized, and to make it possible for you to return to employment.  We believe our clients do their damnedest to achieve the same things.

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