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Connecticut personal injury attorneys practicing in: car accident, slip and fall, dog bite and workers compensation cases.

Dog Bite

In Connecticut, people who choose to enjoy the pleasure of having a dog also take on the responsibility of making sure the animal does no harm to people or other pets in the community. Though most dog owners are conscientious about making sure they follow leash laws and other ethical standards for animal care, some are not so cautious. Read More

Motor Vehicle Accident

Statistics tell us that a collision happens once every 10 seconds, but when it happens to you, it's always a shock. If you've been in a car, truck or motorcycle wreck here in Connecticut, whether you're a driver or passenger, you know the feelings of confusion, worry and aggravation at the prospect of having to deal with insurance companies, make a legal claim or even file a lawsuit. Read More

Slip and Fall

Often called "slip and fall" or "trip and fall" accidents, premises liability cases arise when someone is injured on someone else's property - public or private. If you're reading this page, it might already have happened to you or a member of your family. Read More

Worker’s Compensation

Working men and women are the backbone of Connecticut's economy. In agriculture, fishing, shipbuilding, aerospace, manufacturing, construction, retailing, government service and tourism, Connecticut boasts a diverse workforce that makes it the place we love to call home. Read More

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